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On this site you will find information about parking in Aarhus.

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    You can transfer the payment from your online bank, using the Iban nr. DK0920006446462022 and/or Swift adr. NDEADKKKXXX. Kindly write the fine number (xxxxxxxx) and the license plate number (xxxxxxx) in the notes. Questions regarding payment must be directed to Aarhus Kommune Opkraevning, Postboks 379, 8100 Aarhus C, or by telephone 8940 3330.

    Recipient: Opkraevningen, Postboks 379, 8100 Aarhus C
    Bank: Nordea A/S, Skt. Clemens Torv 2-6, 8000 Aarhus C

    If you wish to pay while you are still in Aarhus, you can bring the yellow paper fine into any bank and pay it by card or in cash, for a fee charged by the bank for the service. If you have a Danish NemID, you can pay via your online bank, or use this link: https://aarhus.dk/betalingsoverblik here you can pay by Mobilepay or credit/debit card.

    To view pictures and see more information regarding your parking fine, please use the link below. You need the fine number on the top of the fine.


    If you do not have a Danish NemID, you can use the following form to complaint about your parking fine. Please explain the nature of your complaint. We will contact you, if we need further information.

    If you do have a Danish NemID, please use this link: https://p-afgiftsklager.aarhus.dk/SAML/aarhus.aspx?startproject=P_Afgift_aarhus

    In our parking guide, you will find helpful tips on how to park in Aarhus. The translated parking guide will be ready in the end of june 2019. 

    In Denmark it is required by law to have a parking disc in your car, it can be either manual or electric. If you have a parking disc in your car, from your own country, you can use this disc when parking in Denmark. Your parking disc must be visible through the windshield.

    When you park, your parking disc should be set to the nearest 15 minutes (15, 30, 45 or 00), for example if you park at 15:24, your parking disc should be set at 15:30. This goes for the electric parking disc too, it must have the same intervals, and not show the exact time of parking, like the above example at 15:24.

    Coming soon!

    When parking a motorcycle, the same terms apply as when parking a car, both in areas with a time restriction and with payment. There are a few parking bays reserved for motorcycles in Aarhus, but motorcycles are not limited to parking in the reserved bays.

    To find a charging station, you can use this link

    The two links provided, shows which type of plug there is on the charging stations, and if the stations are free or occupied.

    If you have a nationally approved disability parking badge, you can park free of charge on the public parking areas, provided you place your parking badge in the windshield, where the whole badge is clearly visible.

    If you park in a time restricted area, different rules apply when you have a disability parking badge. If the time restriction is 15-30 minutes, you can park for up to 1 hour, you must set your parking disc upon arrival. If the time restriction is 1 hour and up, there is no time limit when you place your parking badge in the windshield.

    If you park in a reserved disability parking bay, and there is a time limit on the sign below, you must follow this restriction.

    In areas where only loading and unloading of goods and passengers is allowed, you can park for 15 minutes, on the condition that the parking disc is set. The same applies to areas with a parking ban.

    Aside from the mentioned exemptions above, you must adhere to the Danish Road Traffic Act and park accordingly.

    In a bicycle street there is a parking ban, except in the marked parking lanes and bays. Loading and unloading people and goods is allowed on a Bicycle street.

    Parking in front of a driveway or gate is prohibited.

    Stopping and parking within 10 meters of an intersection is prohibited. See illustration below, the actual intersections can vary in appearance. In the city center, we mark the distance to the intersections with a yellow triangle on the curb. 

    In T-shaped intersections it is prohibited to stop and park in the width of the street, where the street joins the transverse street. See illustration below, the actual intersections can vary in appearance.

    The road leading into a well-defined parking lot, both private and public, will often be classed as an intersection. If there is unrestricted access to the parking lot, and it services more than one residence, the distance of 10 meters on both sides comply.

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