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The purpose of Lys På Aarhus

The purpose of Lys På Aarhus is to support the work on street lighting throughout the city, with a development within lighting, of sustainable and attractive cityscapes, streets and squares, which can shape and support life in the city now as well as in the future.


    The individual projects that are developed, can focus on all types of cityscapes; from streets and areas with greenery, to squares and with a focus on iconic architectural elements in the city. All planning is done with a careful balance between the need for both light and darkness and with a sensibility for developing contextually harmonious solutions.

    The work is carried out as a joint effort across a wide spectrum of public offices in the municipality, as well as in cooperation with local business, institutions and citizens. By actively working with this level of integration, Lys På Aarhus utilises the natural strength and knowledge that the city and its inhabitants embody and manages to make certain that the projects developed, are embraced by the inhabitants- as well as visitors to- the city. All of this follows a natural development in Aarhus, where more and more local businesses, institutions and citizens have an interest in participating in the development of their surroundings.

    Lys På Aarhus-projects also contribute to an accumulation of knowledge within the municipality, regarding important subjects and techniques to consider, when implementing street lighting and other lighting projects throughout the city.

    Lys På Aarhus was initiated in 2016 with a budget of 15 million DKK, all of which comes from projected savings on regular street lighting, as a direct effect of renovating most of the system to LED-based lighting.

    This means that Lys På Aarhus is cost-neutral for the municipality, as the savings from the renovation of street lighting will pay back the entire budget, over the course of 18 years.

    Sidst opdateret: 30. august 2023