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    Lys På Aarhus (Lighting Aarhus) is a municipal project which commissions, develops and implements innovative works of luminism, under the guiding headlines of identity, interaction and safety. The project focuses on- and explores the potential of luminism, as an inspiring and driving element, in the cityscape.

    Below you’ll find information on the purpose and mission of Lys På Aarhus, as well as the many different projects that are planned and have already been established.

    The purpose of Lys På Aarhus

    The purpose of Lys På Aarhus is to support the work on street lighting throughout the city, with a development within lighting, of sustainable and attractive cityscapes, streets and squares, which can shape and support life in the city now as well as in the future.

    Hesitation of Light

    Hesitation of Light is the first project that Lys På Aarhus participated in and is the result of a cooperative effort between artist Signe Klejs, Den Selvejende Institution Godsbanen, KKArt, Lys På Aarhus, Aarhus Kulturhovedstad 2017, Light Partner Herning, Bravida, Banedanmark, Rebteknikeren, Osram and CAVI.

    Light Line

    The goal of Light Line was to rethink the central square; Bispetorv, to create a versatile area with several functions, where the feeling of safety was important to the development.

    Light Spots

    Light Spots are city-elements with interactive lighting as a key element, to invite passersby to a moment of rest, recreation and activity in Storetorv.

    Lighting Hasle Water Tower

    In this project, Lys På Aarhus and Aarhus Vand seeked to change a busy transit-intersection into an area with a noticeable identity, that could create a safe environment filled with experiences, for passersby as well as the inhabitants in the area.

    Double Focus

    Double Focus by artist Jakob Oredsson, was created as part of implementing more lighting along Brabrandstien. The work of art is comprised of two sculptures, with circular elements placed in opposite ends of “De Tre Broer”- a cycle- and pedestrian bridge in a nature area in the city.

    Dråber Giver Regnbue

    This project on a overpass bridge crossing Gudrunsvej, was created as part of the development plans of Gellerup, to explore how one of the wishes of the inhabitants, for a visual upgrade of the area, could be met.


    Origin was the winning project in a sketch contest, requesting two works of art along Brabrandstien.

    Lighting Aarhus Cathedral

    In this project Lys På Aarhus participated in helping Aarhus Cathedral, as well as the citizens of Aarhus, to achieve the start of a balanced and aesthetic lighting of the old Cathedral.


    Serpentinertunnelen (The Serpentine Tunnel) is an innovative take on lighting in a underpass under Langelandsgade, between the Klostervang and Vestervang areas.

    Jorden bærer dit aftryk

    “Jorden bærer dit aftryk” is a well traveled neon artwork, by Aarhus-based neon artist Astrid Gjesing. The work has now found permanent placement in the city, this time in connection with a joint sound piece by Copenhagen-based sound designer and artist Sofie Birch.

    Af vand er du kommet

    “Af vand er du kommet” is one of Aarhus’ hidden gems. A neon artwork by Aarhus-based neon artist Astrid Gjesing, installed under Clemensbro, along the snaking river-walk of the busy strip of bars and cafes in central Aarhus, it creates a moment of illuminated reflection for the curious people, who dare to look up.

    Klostertorv Boogie Woogie

    Site specific public artwork, with lighting as a central element installed on Klostertorv. The artwork functions in both daylight as well as the evening time and has the purpose of supporting a sense of safety, while adding to the history of this important square in the middle of the city.

    Sødalskolen tunnel-lighting

    An openness towards wild ideas and an intense cocreation-process created this lighting system, that promotes a sense of safety for this school tunnel - a project created by the school children themselves.

    Sensible Horizon

    Sensible Horizon is a public luminary artwork, whose purpose is to be part of an open air-gallery, in one of Aarhus' hidden walkways, squeezed in between existing and new buildings, that are blossoming in Sydhavnen.