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An appreciative management style, a holistic approach to people as well as diversity, quality and innovation are key concepts in the ‘Attractive Workplace’ project at the City of Aarhus.

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    Reliability, respect and commitment

    The values of the City of Aarhus – reliability, respect and commitment – underpin the vision of an organisation where job satisfaction ensures the best possible service for citizens. The values permeate all HR-related activities and policies.

    Job satisfaction a key element

    In 2008, the HR Department conducted a job satisfaction survey which showed that municipal employees valued soft values such as a good working climate, good colleagues and managers and a meaningful job more than a high salary.

    The development policy, which has replaced the previous job guarantee, ensures that focus is on the employees’ well-being, competencies and opportunities. The employees are thus maintaining and further developing their professional skills, while the work is planned according to need.

    Branded as an attractive workplace

    Due to the low unemployment rate, some Danish businesses often find it difficult to recruit employees, something which also applies to the City of Aarhus. The HR Department therefore focuses on branding the municipality as a pleasant workplace which takes a holistic approach to its employees.

    Development of managers and employees

    The City of Aarhus’ large management training project focuses on personal leadership and general management competencies.

    For employees who wish to move up the career ladder, it may be useful to have their management skills and motivation tested. The project also includes a mentor scheme. The employees are also offered many other opportunities for supplementary training and special initiatives aimed at retaining older employees.

    Sidst opdateret: 29. august 2023