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Do Business in Aarhus

Do you want to expand or locate your business in Aarhus? Aarhus is the number one choice of numerous international companies – maybe also yours?

Aarhus has a well educated labour along with R&D environments of high international class, which in conjunction with a well developed infrastructure and a range of business strengths are contributing to the city being a unique and attractive place for investments. This is why Aarhus is the right place for businesses who want to deliver solutions of the future.



Business Aarhus.

If you are considering to locate or expand your business in Aarhus, Business Aarhus can help you succeed by providing experience and knowledge. Business Aarhus is an official service and investment unit in Aarhus.



Core Strengths of Aarhus.

Aarhus has strong environments within several business sectors, in particular within the key areas of e.g. IT and the media, clean tech, health, foods, architecture and design.


Opdateret: 26.10.2015


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