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Business Region Aarhus

United efforts and collaboration within a region create the strength, diversity and room to grow in many ways. Business Region Aarhus works to create growth and jobs and to maintain and strengthen the area as one of Denmark’s two leading growth centres with an international impact.

Business Region Aarhus is a powerful partnership between 11 municipalities in central Denmark. It comprises the municipalities of Hedensted, Horsens, Norddjurs, Odder, Randers, Samsø, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Syddjurs and Aarhus.


High quality of life, highly skilled workforce and a strong economy

Business Region Aarhus is more than just a partnership of municipalities. It is a way of making one city eleven times as big, and through this create more opportunities for investment and more options for living a good life where each family can find the perfect place to live. The East Jutland metropolis is an interesting place to live and do business, and is characterised by a strong sense of community and collaboration.


Business Region Aarhus looks after the joint interests of the municipalities in East Jutland within areas such as the overall infrastructure, tourism and industrial activities. It works for business development and improved framework conditions, which can be done more efficiently when working together. The focus is on creating synergies in the form of better resource utilisation, greater impact and better access to financing.


Political unity and focus on priority causes

We prioritise projects together. This means that an investment in Business Region Aarhus is a safe investment in Denmark’s growth. We believe that positive development in one part of the city/region creates growth and development elsewhere. Business Region Aarhus is characterised by mutual understanding, and we recognise the role that each city, town and municipality plays for Business Region Aarhus to function optimally.


Internal mobility in Business Region Aarhus

There is a high level of internal mobility within Business Region Aarhus. In all, 92,800 people are employed in another municipality within Business Region Aarhus to the one in which they live, which corresponds to 22.5 per cent of the total workforce. Within Business Region Aarhus there are no limiting borders, and everything is within max. 60 minutes by car. The plans to work for an expansion of the E45 motorway means that journey times will be even further reduced in Business Region Aarhus.


People, goods and services flowing between cities in Business Region Aarhus

This is backed by political priorities and investments. For individuals and businesses, the municipal boundaries are subordinate, and therefore the relevant politicians from the different towns and cities have established a formal and binding collaboration to ensure cohesion within the region. The East Jutland metropolis will therefore, also in future, be an interesting place to live and do business, and thus contribute to Denmark’s overall development.


Opdateret: 06.1.2016


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